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    Ted Baker CEO resigns following ‘hugging’ allegations


    Ray Kelvin, the CEO and founder of fashion retailer Ted Baker, has resigned following allegations of sexual misconduct made against him last December.

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    FCPA Lessons in Deflate-gate: Consistency of Discipline


    For those in the FCPA world I would like to focus on one aspect of the court’s ruling: consistency in discipline. In Brady’s appeal, the court was highly critical of the fact that the NFL policy for discipline for first offenses involving equipment violations would result in fines rather than ...

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    Anti-Corruption Groups Challenge the SFO on DPAs


    Image: Title: GreenA number of well-known anti-corruption activists, such as Transparency International and Corruption Watch, are urging David Green, director of Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, to rethink replacing criminal charges with deferred prosecution agreements. The group warns that if DPAs are offered, that will allow banks and other companies to ...

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    European Watchdogs Calls for Banks to Revisit Business Models


    European regulators are urging banks to revamp their business models to reduce risk and enhance a culture of compliance. A joint report issued by the European Union’s banking, insurance, and market regulators says, “Despite numerous actions already taken by regulators and supervisors, both from prudential and consumer protection perspectives, recent ...