Clients of Mitratech can now save significant time creating and approving policies and procedures, thanks to recent updates to its comprehensive policy management solution, PolicyHub. The solution's latest innovations also help companies mitigate risk through deeper integration with human resource directories that enables automatic notifications to line managers on the status of employee attestation and compliance.

As part of Mitratech’s family of integrated risk management solutions, PolicyHub, enables the creation, approval, communication and attestation of a company’s policies and procedures. The solution delivers intelligent distribution, automated knowledge assessments and in-depth reporting. PolicyHub makes managing policies and procedures easy and efficient, while at the same time helps companies demonstrate corporate responsibility and reduce the risk of breaches and fines.

New features of PolicyHub make it easier than ever for an organization to increase awareness, gain agreement and buy-in from employees, and mitigate the risks of noncompliance. For example, PolicyHub integrates with HR directories to incorporate the customer’s hierarchy and delegate the management of policy compliance to designated line managers. Managers can now easily view their employees’ attestation in real-time and know exactly when corrective actions are necessary. This enables managers to improve participation and reduce the risk of noncompliance among employees.

Additionally, PolicyHub streamlines the creation of policies, helping ensure employee acceptance and reduces the risk of noncompliance. Clients can create, save and enforce specific content and design elements within policies and procedures. Administrators and policy owners can enforce the use of templates with any new policies to ensure consistent delivery.