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    March Madness and corruption


    March Madness is looked at as one of the greatest sporting events of the year. It combines great play, underdogs felling giants, fantastic venues, devoted fans, and competition galore ... but this year it offers something else: an abject lesson in the failure of ethical conduct of the very institutions ...

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    NCAA to form special commission


    Following a federal investigation into fraud in college basketball, the NCAA announced that it is making ‘substantive changes’ to the way it operates, forming a Commission on College Basketball.

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    Does the NCAA corruption scandal have an FCPA angle?


    In a move reminiscent of FIFA arrests in 2015, the Department of Justice recently announced a series of arrests from an undercover operation exposing one of the sordid underbellies of college sports: the myth of amateurism at the highest level of collegiate sports.

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    How corruption in sports spills into compliance


    The NCAA fraud and corruption scheme that has resulted in federal criminal charges against 10 individuals offers numerous lessons for the corporate compliance world at large.