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    Senators accuse mobile carriers of throttling practices


    Senate Democrats are alleging violations of net neutrality principles by mobile data carriers who they claim, backed by recent research, are slowing down online traffic.

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    Net neutrality is dead, but battles rage on


    The era of “net neutrality” has ended. On Monday, the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order went into effect. Battles are already afoot to restore the former status quo.

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    Date set for demise of net neutrality: June 11


    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced on Thursday that the his Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order will take effect on June 11, officially ending "net nutrality."

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    Battle against net neutrality rollback intensifies


    State attorney generals are suing to reverse the Federal Communications Commission’s retreat from past net neutrality policies. Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats say they are nearing the level of bipartisan support needed to force a like-minded vote in the House and Senate.

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    Dems turn to Congressional Review Act to save net neutrality


    Congressional Democrats are teaming up in an effort to restore  “net neutrality,” Obama era telecom policies that were vacated by the FCC in December, by using the Congressional Review Act.

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    Senators want more debate over another net neutrality plan


    The Federal Communications Commission has received more than 16 million comments on a proposal to revive net neutrality. Deliberations on the rule, introduced in May, allowed for a 30-day public comment process.Nevertheless, Democrats, are calling on the FCC to extend the expiring comment period.