NetSuite, an ERP/financial system used by more than 24,000 organizations, and Namely, an HR, payroll, and benefits platform provider, have joined forces to help mid-sized companies streamline financials and HR. For the first time, financial executives will be able to view and manage all their financial and employee data in one place.

With the integration, companies can now feed employee data from Namely directly into NetSuite to create new user accounts and keep the employee profile in sync. This marks a crucial first step toward a broader integration that will eventually unify many more financial and HR processes, enabling joint clients to:

Automatically keep NetSuite user profiles in sync with employee data in Namely, eliminating duplicate data entry and ensuring data integrity;

Push payroll and benefits expenses from Namely into journal entries in a  NetSuite general ledger; and

View all HR and financial data to gain the fullest possible understanding of people, profits, and business operations.

To learn more about how NetSuite and Namely can help manage finance and HR together, request a demo here.