As financial services organizations turn to automation to improve efficiency and provide cost reductions, NICE Actimize, a NICE business, released its new Actimize ACTone, an artificial intelligence-enabled investigation management system that serves as the next-generation alert and case management platform for financial services firms.

NICE Actimize's "ACTone" reduces investigation time for a single alert by up to 70 percent and improves analyst's decision making.

Leveraging the Autonomous Financial Crime Management (AFCM) approach and AI-driven automation, Actimize ACTone transforms financial crime investigations and compliance operations by introducing analytics and automation at every step of the financial crime detection, investigations and operations process. This powerful combination of features and technologies enables financial services firms to deploy an intelligent virtual workforce (or robots) for collaboration with human investigators and enables a complete paradigm shift in tackling financial crime investigations.

NICE Actimize's ACTone provides a unified platform to manage alerts and cases from a wide ecosystem of financial crime solutions. With this approach, any financial crime system can be transformed by applying AI-enabled robotics and automation to its ecosystem. "ACTone" refers to "one platform" for any financial crime solution. Together with NICE Actimize's Autonomous Financial Crime Management approach, they provide the key to better resource utilization, increased accuracy and productivity, and improved return on investment.

Key capabilities of the new Actimize ACTone Investigation Manager include:

Entity Insights: Discovers visual relationships across entities, as well as connections between alerts and entities, which serves to uncover risks and reveal deeper insights.

Virtual Workforce: Eliminates manual data gathering and significantly reduces operational costs and errors with easy-to-configure robotics process automation.

Entity Risk: Assigns a dynamic risk score to every entity using machine learning to help analysts better prioritize their efforts and make faster decisions.

Activity Center: Provides immediate notifications on changes to any case or work item, whether that action is taken by other analysts or robots, enabling unmatched collaboration.

Visual Storytelling and Modern User Experience: Offers intuitive navigation with maximized real-estate utilization and graphical data representations which provide instant insights.

Actimize ACTone Investigation Manager, based on the widest set of financial services organization real-life investigation scenarios in the market, will first be included in NICE Actimize's Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM) anti-money laundering solution announced recently, as well as within its enterprise fraud and financial markets compliance solutions.

NICE Actimize's recently-announced Autonomous Financial Crime Management approach represents a massive shift in unifying and mitigating risk through targeted utilization of Big Data, advanced analytics everywhere, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, which in concert reduce reputational risk.