Financial controls and automation software provider BlackLine, Inc. has unveiled a new compliance product designed to manage internal controls in large and midsize companies.

The company debuted BlackLine Compliance, the latest addition to its cloud platform, last week at its annual global user conference.

With BlackLine Compliance, risks, policies and procedures, controls, issues, and audit programs are integrated in a unified, cloud-based system. This accelerates and simplifies audits, consolidates project management, and provides enhanced visibility over control activity.

Key BlackLine Compliance product highlights include:

  • Enables users to connect the performance, validation, and testing of controls from within a single application and interface. Internal auditors can access control evidence directly, reducing dependencies.
  • Management of all compliance projects and documents in one globally accessible system, ensuring version control across records.
  • Accommodates projects for any compliance initiative, including SOX 302 and 404, IT audits, operational audits, and self-assessments. Users can perform testing, attach supporting documentation, and validate control effectiveness from a single system.
  • Real-time visibility into issues as soon as they are identified with workflow for remediation testing.
  • Ability to configure to support unique business processes.

BlackLine Compliance addresses major pain points for compliance and internal audit teams (such as data duplication, lack of standardization, and lack of visibility) and provides a centralized and efficient solution for managing processes—ultimately helping to ensure greater accuracy and trust in the company's financials.