Recommind, an advanced analytics provider, has announced the release of Axcelerate Cloud, the latest iteration of its subscription-based SaaS e-Discovery product built on the Axcelerate platform. Now incorporating Efficiency Scoring, Axcelerate Cloud builds on Axcelerate’s interactive Business Intelligence layer to provide legal teams powerful, simple insights into the efficiency levels they are achieving across their discovery project portfolios.

Core benefits of Axcelerate Cloud include:

Security: Axcelerate Cloud reduces risk by centralizing hosting for all counsel and service providers in a virtual private cloud leveraging state-of-the-art facilities via Amazon Web Services, with data encrypted at rest and in motion. This allows legal professionals to control exactly who has access to their data, including metrics around when, where and how it was viewed.

Visibility: Axcelerate Cloud provides sophisticated metrics and controls to show where a project stands. This allows legal professionals to measure performance across providers, legal teams and case types and to know exactly what they have at any given time.

Scalability: Axcelerate Cloud allows organizations to get started fast with no overhead. With nothing to install, legal professionals can scale data volumes up or down quickly and easily, in addition to choosing self service, full service or anywhere in between

Predictability: Axcelerate Cloud dramatically reduces eDiscovery costs with a predictable, tiered, annual subscription based on data under management instead of traditional hosting fees. It allows legal teams to ingest and produce all the data they wish, assign all the users they wish, and make unlimited use of Axcelerate’s advanced analytics and machine learning.  

Axcelerate is available to new and existing customers as a Cloud, On-Demand or On-Premise solution supported by Recommind’s global product and service team. Axcelerate Cloud subscribers can choose total self-administration or leverage Recommind professional services and affiliated service partners as desired.