Ground Labs, a global security software company, announced the release of Enterprise Recon 2.0. The solution scans for 100 different data points and personally identifiable information (PII), allowing organizations to protect critical information at every endpoint without relying on antiquated perimeter security methods.

Unbridled data growth is challenging most organizations to track information that can compromise security and compliance. Employees often unwittingly store sensitive data in many unsafe locations within local and network storage, professional email accounts, and the cloud. This creates significant security risks for them and their companies. It also complicates efforts to comply with increasingly stringent regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and the GDPR, which affects every company that conducts business in Europe.

Enterprise Recon 2.0 offers highly accurate and intuitive scanning capabilities that are compatible with a wide array of platforms, file formats and target types, including local and network storage, e-mail accounts, the cloud and Office 365. When non-compliant data is located, the solution enables organizations to remediate the security risk by either permanently deleting the misplaced data, relocating it to a secure location, encrypting it in an AES zip file, or modifying it to be useless to criminals.

Enterprise Recon 2.0 automatically converts any unknown file types to ensure that no data is missed and companies receive a complete scan of their enterprise network. The tool also allows for historical monitoring of sensitive data, so organizations can track their security and compliance record over a 10-year period.