Trillium, a trading technology provider, today announced the launch of its Surveyor app for iPhone, the first mobile tool to provide access to depth of book quotes for the U.S. equities markets.

Users can access historical quotes in any stock, on any date, at any time—down to the millisecond. With a database going back over two years, nearly one trillion data points are available. In addition, Trillium’s expert trading staff will provide daily market insights in the app, showing users how historical quote data can improve their trading or market surveillance.

“By giving everyone access to this free Big Data research and analytics tool, Trillium is bringing more transparency to the U.S. equities markets," Lee Maschler, Trillium’s founder, said in a statement.

The app was developed as a collaboration between Trillium’s in-house team of trading professionals, and engineers, design firm Moment Design, and mobile app development firm Reflexions. The product incorporates technology built for mobile gaming to present smoothly scrolling graphs plotting billions of data points.

“In today’s markets, you are at a disadvantage if you are not squeezing every last drop of usable information out of available market data,” said Michael Friedman, Trillium’s general counsel and chief compliance officer. “Our Surveyor platform is the tool to help you do that, and we are happy to now offer much of Surveyor’s functionality for free on the iPhone.”

The Surveyor app is adapted from the enterprise version of the program, which is marketed to broker-dealers, trading firms, regulators, and asset managers for market surveillance and order routing optimization. Trillium launched the enterprise version of Surveyor in 2014 and later added a free Web-browser version of the software.