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    U.K. considering proposals to enforce better cyber-security


    As the U.K. tries to get businesses to protect themselves better against cyber-risk, recently proposed rules all have significant compliance implications.

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    U.K. mulls new fines for lax cyber-security measures


    Organisations that fail to implement effective cyber-security measures could face significant fines, as part of plans to make Britain’s essential networks and infrastructure safe, secure, and resilient against the risk of future cyber-attacks.

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    U.K. government seeks views on NIS Directive


    The U.K. government this week published a consultation seeking views on its plans to implement the EU’s Network and Information Systems Directive, which is due to come into force in May 2018.

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    Preparing for the new EU cyber-security directive


    The European Parliament has greenlit an EU-wide cyber-security initiative that will impose plenty of new compliance requirements on organizations across the board. But, queries Jaclyn Jaeger, will compliance officers feel these are helping protect their organizations, or just adding another layer of regulatory liability?