EDGAR conversion and filing software provider Novaworks this month launched Legato 1.0, the first scripting language that allows SEC filers to integrate existing financial reporting software with existing database and document production systems.

This new scripting language, which is part of Novaworks’ filing software suite, GoFiler, provides publicly traded companies, as well as filing agents and law firms that file to the SEC on behalf of public companies, with the ability to customize and integrate internal client systems with GoFiler. “Legato will increase the efficiency of staff that is responsible for SEC filing, expedite the sometimes tedious filing process, and link filing software with existing external databases," said Novaworks President and CEO Scott Theis.

While Legato is embedded into Novaworks’ latest versions of GoFiler 4.5 (GoFiler Complete, GoFiler, GoFiler Corporate, GoFiler Funds and GoXBRL), it can be used in conjunction with any product in the GoFiler family. Legato can be used as a standalone platform for building programs, a tool to add features and processing to various existing functionalities, or to expand or modify GoFiler’s functions.