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    Operational resiliency today


    This latest installment of the CW/OCEG GRC Illustrated Series provides readers with details on how to implement a strategic approach to operational risk strategy coupled with an integrated information and technology architecture. 

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    Addressing third-party information security risks in 2017


    The latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG discusses ways to circumvent a cyber-breach via third-party risk management.

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    Take the Conflict of Interest Challenge


    Conflicts of interest have become a big risk area for companies of all sizes, in all industries and any country. Just try spending an hour on the Web, and you’ll find several examples of COI causing financial losses for companies or their customers, questionable outcomes in scientific and medical research, ...

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    Breaking Up Is Hard to Do


    Paul Anka crooned, “Breaking up is hard to do” as he begged his love not to leave him in one of his most famous songs, but alas, we all know that relationships often come to an end. By contrast, management guru Peter Drucker cautioned “begin with the end in mind,” ...