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    A sting, a Picasso and, guess what, offshore tax havens


    A look at the scandal at Beaufort Securities, which switched from real estate investments to Picassos to launder money, because of the limited risk in the unregulated art market.

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    Paradise Papers: The sequel to the Panama Papers


    Dubbed the Paradise Papers, more than 381 journalists in 67 countries embarked on an effort of massive proportions to parse through 13.4 million leaked documents—many that mention some of the world's largest companies—revealing that the shady world of shell companies, offshore tax shelters, and secret trusts is far more prevalent ...

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    Taaks Avoyd: IKEA’s flat pack tax avoidance schemes


    A recent report details an extensive tax avoidance strategy by furniture retailer IKEA, prompting a call for a full-blown investigation of the company and its complicated corporate structure.