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    OIG guidance for boards on compliance


    It turns out that 2015 guidance from the OIG provides an excellent roadmap in today’s world for how companies can structure a compliance committee for their board and for the board’s obligations.

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    Kaiser Permanente’s Approach to Case Management


    Effective case management is crucial to a compliance program, but developing a process—flexible enough to juggle different types of issues, systematic enough to resolve cases in a timely manner—is the tricky part. This week in a guest column, Marita Janiga, director of the National Special Investigations Unit and the Compliance ...

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    HHS’s Plan to Target Data Security in 2015 Means More Audits


    The Department of Health and Human Services plans to raise the bar on data security in the healthcare industry in the year ahead. The renewed focus likely means more audits and enforcement actions for providers and insurers. On HHS’s checklist are required contingency plans that establish procedures for responding to ...