Optiv Security, a provider of end-to-end cyber-security solutions, announced the release of its new technology-enabled third-party risk managed service. Leveraging Optiv’s proven Software-as-a-Service based third-party risk management platform, Evantix, this service enables companies to better manage the complete third-party risk management lifecycle, resulting in improved compliance and risk management.

This offering provides organizations with a holistic solution to better plan, develop, and manage all aspects of their third-party risk management programs, including vendors, suppliers, and business associates. Optiv’s third-party risk managed service handles the process and reporting required for clients to determine the inherent risk, assess the controls, and drive remediation with their vendors and partners.

Optiv delivers this service through consultants with extensive expertise in building third-party risk programs and performing third-party risk assessments combined with the Evantix SaaS platform, currently in its fourth generation. This powerful technology solution includes standardized, on-demand risk score reports and customizable scoring technology to provide corporate risk managers and IT security professionals with quick, accurate, and cost-effective visibility into the potential risk associated with outside service providers.

Optiv’s innovative approach leveraging people, process, and technology to deliver its third-party risk managed service helps companies better manage the entire third-party risk management lifecycle, which includes due diligence, assessment, validation, and remediation.

Optiv’s comprehensive suite of third-party risk management offerings help organizations understand the breadth of third parties in their environment, categorize relationships by risk to the organization, conduct risk assessments aligned to specific industry standards and develop the compliance criteria vendors must meet to do business with the organization