Opus, a global compliance and risk management solutions provider, recently launched a new turnkey solution designed to dramatically simplify and speed up the ability to comply with anti-corruption regulations.

The Hiperos 3PM solution has pre-configured and automated workflow and screening capabilities that now also includes comprehensive, global risk data from C6 Intelligence, an enhanced due diligence global risk intelligence data services solution. The new solution puts all the tools global corporations need to manage their anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) risks in one place.

Bribery and corruption are among today's most pressing risks, as companies around the world look across borders to grow their business, often engaging local partners to support their expansion into new territories. As third-party networks expand, so does exposure to corruption risk. Compliance teams are coming under significant pressure to improve their ability to quickly and easily identify, assess, mitigate and manage this risk.

The powerful combination of Opus's workflow and C6's high-quality risk intelligence data allows organizations to streamline and drive consistency in their compliance processes, including pre-built questionnaires for segmenting third parties according to risk and for gathering due diligence data; advanced risk screening against C6 global data that minimizes false positives; a user-friendly interface to review due diligence findings, seamlessly order enhanced due diligence and approve/deny third parties; comprehensive reports that provide a holistic view of all third-party risk at any point in time; and ongoing monitoring that alerts users to material changes in the profile of a third party.