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    How character relates to compliance


    Merely having in place a paper compliance program does not account for the human condition, which unfortunately is not always pure of heart, writes The Man From FCPA, while considering a recent book, “The Character Gap,” by Christian Miller.

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    Galaxy Note 7 and an independent set of eyes


    Tom Fox looks at the case of Samsung—which bucked the regular procedures used by other telecoms and self-tested its Note 7 batteries—to see how independent oversight would have made the difference in the outcome.

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    Banks Need to Manage Risks Better, U.K. Regulator Says


    Image: A review by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority found that banks need to take the risks associated with benchmark rates more seriously. FCA believes that financial institutions should learn from the recent scandals that rocked the industry and ensure that such misconduct does not happen again. The watchdog says ...