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  • Glencore HQ

    Glencore fined $1B, placed under 3-year monitorship for FCPA violations


    Glencore International AG, one of the world’s largest commodity traders, will be placed under a three-year compliance monitorship and pay more than $1 billion to resolve multiple investigations into alleged bribes paid in several countries over more than a decade.

  • Oil

    Swiss AG latest investigating Glencore for corruption


    Glencore is under criminal investigation by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland over corruption allegations, adding to the growing list of scrutiny the multinational commodity trading and mining company is facing.

  • Blog

    Glencore receives subpoena from Department of Justice


    Switzerland-based Glencore Ltd, a subsidiary of Glencore plc, said Tuesday it received a subpoena on July 2 from the U.S. Department of Justice to produce documents and other records with respect to compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and U.S. money laundering statutes.

  • bestof-2017

    Year in review: 2017


    Compliance Week looks back at the last 12 months and offers a glimpse at some of the biggest news stories in compliance, governance, risk, and ethics.

  • Blog

    Paradise for money launderers


    A look at what the Paradise Papers uncovered, the European Union’s reaction, and what progress needs to be made on implementing proper disclosure and transparency to thwart future money laundering enterprises.

  • Blog

    European Commission hopes Paradise leaks ‘create political momentum’


    The European Commission yesterday reiterated its commitment to fight against tax evasion, following the Paradise Papers leak.

  • Blog

    Paradise Papers: The sequel to the Panama Papers


    Dubbed the Paradise Papers, more than 381 journalists in 67 countries embarked on an effort of massive proportions to parse through 13.4 million leaked documents—many that mention some of the world's largest companies—revealing that the shady world of shell companies, offshore tax shelters, and secret trusts is far more prevalent ...