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    Tesla offers CEO Elon Musk a monumental pay-for-performance deal


    Under Tesla's proposed pay-for-performance compensation plan for CEO Elon Musk, his compensation will not fully vest unless the company grows its market cap  to $650 billion, an increase of nearly $600 billion.

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    My Compliance Library: Is it time for an incentive mine sweep?


    Richard Bistrong and Marc Hodak discuss pay-for-performance and its role in corporate ethics and compliance policies.

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    Survey: public underestimates CEO pay, still outraged


    Image: A recent survey of 1,202 individuals by Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance shows the American public believes CEOs take home much more in compensation than they deserve. “While we find that members of the public are not particularly knowledgeable about how much CEOs actually make in annual ...

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    All the Questions Confronting Clawback Policy


    The SEC has proposed a new rule that publicly traded companies adopt a clawback policy to recoup incentive-based compensation from executives that later turns out to be based on faulty financial statements. How hard can that be? Well, pretty hard, many compensation experts say. Inside, we have the run-down on ...

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    Poll Portends Big Changes in Executive Pay Disclosure


    A recent poll by Towers Watson hints at big changes to come in disclosure of executive compensation, in the wake of the SEC’s proposed pay-for-performance rules. One-third of poll respondents said they expect to change their compensation disclosure significantly; 55 percent said they expect to provide additional information and analysis ...

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    SEC Eyes ‘Pay for Performance’ Rules Next Week


    The SEC will hold an open meeting April 29 to take action on pay-for-performance disclosure rules required by the Dodd-Frank Act. The Commission will consider rules stemming from Section 953 of Dodd-Frank, requiring public companies to disclose the relationship between executive pay and incentives with the financial performance of the ...

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    ISS: CEO Pay Jumps 13 Percent Among Early Filers


    The average compensation package for CEOs in the United States rose nearly 13 percent in 2014, driven by increasingly valuable pension plans, according to new research from Institutional Shareholder Services that analyzed early filers in the Russell 3000 index. Among firms that use equity compensation, the median grant date value ...

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    Companies Analyzed Pay-for-Performance, Didn’t Tell Shareholders


    While nearly 60 percent of public companies have conducted an executive-pay-for-performance analysis, nearly two-thirds of them didn’t tell shareholders those results, according to new research from professional services firm Towers Watson. When asked why they did not discuss their pay-for-performance analysis, most said they are waiting for new SEC disclosure ...