The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Chairman William Duhnke has named Francis "Abe" Dymond chief of staff for the PCAOB, effective immediately.

Dymond will advise the PCAOB on all matters before it, work closely with PCAOB members and staff, and assist the chairman in his management and administration of the PCAOB.

Previously, Dymond was special counsel to Board member Jeanette Franzel. During that service, he assisted Franzel as she advanced, among other initiatives, the PCAOB's use of research and analyses; relationship with academia; outreach to audit committees; and focus on audit quality indicators and audit firm quality control systems.

Prior to joining the PCAOB in 2012, Dymond served as assistant general counsel and assistant director for auditing at the Government Accountability Office. He led audit and review engagements related to federal agency financial management and their programs.

He provided legal counsel for a wide range of federal financial management and auditing issues, assisted the U.S. Congress in its oversight role, and provided advice to the comptroller general on government auditing standards. He also served as general counsel to the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, which promulgates accounting standards for the federal government.

Before joining GAO in 2002, Dymond served on active duty in the U.S. Army as a judge advocate, a military lawyer, at various international and domestic posts, serving in various capacities including military prosecutor, special assistant U. S. attorney, contracts and fiscal attorney, and administrative lawyer.