Information management software developer, Ideagen, has launched the latest version of its audit software Pentana. Pentana 4.2 brings with it a series of functional enhancements that will increase intelligence of emerging risks as well as improve the flexibility of the system and enhance overall user experience.

The software will help internal audit and risk departments save time, increase efficiency and maximize the power of collaborative working as well as bring with it enhanced analytics and integration possibilities. The highlight of the latest version includes a major new "Action Tracking Web Module," which allows action owners to log into Pentana via a Web browser. Using the module, users can view their outstanding actions, add comments, provide evidence of implementation, and mark as ready for review while online.

Version 4.2 has been released with important new features that deliver improved visibility of emerging risks, better analytics and integration with third party applications, a better and more flexible user experience, and greater flexibility and efficiency.

Pentana is developed using the latest Microsoft technologies and helps integrate all aspects of the audit cycle from annual planning to detailed risk assessment and controls testing, through to action tracking and audit committee reporting. Pentana can equally be used for enterprise risk management, SOX and other regulatory compliance, or any application where risk assessment and centralized action tracking is required.

Contact Ideagen for more information on Pentana 4.2 or to request a copy of its technical white paper.