PNMsoft, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, has announced the release of HotOperations, a case management and work optimization solution powered by its intelligent BPM suite Sequence. Built on PNMsoft’s patented HotChange architecture, which allows real-time changes to be made to critical business processes, HotOperations enables operations managers to optimize work allocation in real time, thereby reduce costs, increase revenue and improve customer service.

“HotOperations is an ideal solution for businesses with large operations and/or call centers,” said James Luxford, chief technology officer at PNMsoft. “Operations managers in these facilities are often challenged with managing complex processes that allocate wide volumes of cases to different departments and teams. These processes are dynamic, and need to change according to factors such as skills, priorities, schedules, milestones or service-level agreements (SLAs).”

HotOperations can automatically assign the majority of cases to the appropriate teams using its intelligent allocation rules. The solution takes case management a step further by providing operations managers with real-time work allocation functionalities. With an intuitive dashboard, operations managers have a view of each team’s current work queue. They can drag and drop cases to assign them to each department, or move them between departments accordingly.

Using real-time predictive analytics, the system provides insight on the impact that each assignment will have on the overall costs and SLAs. The system also recommends which assignments to make in order to optimize the outcome, taking into account each department and team’s skill level, work schedule, cost of work and performance history.