A new 432-page report on global anti-bribery efforts by the law firm Hughes Hubbard looks at what trends emerged in 2013, and compiles a retrospective of cases brought by the U.S. Justice Department, SEC, World Bank, OECD, the UK's Serious Fraud Office, and other international regulators. It distills this data into “The 10 Hallmarks of an Effective Corporate Compliance Program.”

In our latest podcast,we talk to Kevin Abikoff, who chairs the law firm Hughes Hubbard's Anti-Corruption and Internal Investigations group in Washington, about the research.

"Where once we saw monitorships seemingly falling into disfavor, we now see them restored and imposed in the most high-profile, high-stakes cases," he says. "Where once enforcement of the U.K. Bribery Act seemed a paper tiger, we now see active prosecutions. And where once we wondered if non-U.S. governments would continue to strengthen and enforce anti-bribery laws, we see resounding confirmation in the form of investigations and enforcement activity from previously unseen jurisdictions such as Australia and Canada.”

Abikoff discusses these developments and what traits a capable compliance program must exhibit in this shifting global environment.

Listen to the podcast. (12 min., 11 MB)

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