In our latest podcast our guest is Daniel Wager, vice president, financial crime and compliance and global market strategy for LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

We discuss the challenges inherent in sanctions compliance given its constantly changing nature, evolving OFAC lists, and with so much political uncertainty around the globe. What can firms look for in terms of the red flags that a bad actor is seeking to bypass sanctions restrictions? What do these warning signs look like for a nonfinancial firm? How has risk-appropriate screening of customers evolved within the banking world?

If companies don’t have adequate processes in place to monitor who they do business with, they risk being sanctioned themselves. How can a company make sure they don’t fall into that trap? How is technology best leveraged? How concerning is third party risk, and the sanctions or money laundering violations that could take place somewhere along the supply chain or among the network of partners and associated entities?

22 minutes, 10MB

Listen to the Podcast.

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