Porzio Life Sciences (PorzioLS), a provider of regulatory compliance and legal services to the life sciences industry, has formed a new affiliate based in the Netherlands. PorzioLS also announced the introduction of Porzio GST, a configurable interface that enables drug and medical device companies to capture and manage data elements necessary for meeting reporting obligations. 

Capabilities of Porzio GST include:

Integration with a customer healthcare professional (HCP) master data to facilitate HCP matching and aggregation

Customizable dashboards and ad hoc reports (generated in  local languages);

User interface translated to local user’s language;

Ability to track, aggregate, and report spend against HCPs across multiple jurisdictions;

Profile management to streamline tracking of addresses and interactions;

Consent management to track and audit consent, refusal and revocation; and

Agreement management to track and store HCP and healthcare organization (HCO) contracts.

Porzio GST is PorzioLS' second expansion of life sciences services related to global transparency requirements. PorzioLS also has created the International Life Sciences Transparency Database of the Porzio Compliance Digest. This database contains guidance on ex-U.S. disclosure obligations pertaining to HCP and HCO payments.