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    Let’s Change the Way We Talk About Controls


    This month’s edition of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG discusses how to address threats to the company while recognizing opportunities. Inside, learn about the integrated approach to an internal control environment that uses proactive, detective, and responsive management actions and controls to achieve principled performance. ...

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    Aligning the Organization for Principled Performance


    Management must align objectives to the organizations’s business environment and internal culture, but what does alignment really mean? In this latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series, brought to you by Compliance Week and OCEG, experts discuss alignment in the context of GRC and keeping the company on the right ...

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    Learning Lessons for Principled Performance


    Image: In the latest installment of the GRC Illustrated series, OCEG outlines the “learn” component in its GRC Capability Model, where companies learn how to observe change, analyze, update strategies, and respond appropriately to any curveballs thrown their way to achieve principled performance.