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    Justice Department creates Procurement Collusion Strike Force


    The Department of Justice has announced the formation of the new Procurement Collusion Strike Force, which will focus on deterring, detecting, investigating, and prosecuting antitrust crimes.

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    Kraft Heinz discloses probe, takes $15.4B impairment charge


    Following a string of accounting and reporting problems, Kraft Heinz Co. disclosed it is under investigation by the SEC and reported a $15.4 billion impairment charge.

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    U.K. government gets tough on poor payment practices in procurement


    Suppliers will be excluded from major government contracts if they cannot demonstrate fair and effective payment practices with their sub-contractors, under a package of tough new measures announced by the U.K. government.

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    Are U.K. businesses ready for PEPPOL?


    A new pan-European standard for public procurement should alleviate a lot of financial administration, but only for those ready to comply with the standard’s new rules.

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    New report scores public procurement regulatory systems


    For the first time, you can now check the scores of public procurement regulatory systems in 180 different countries, thanks to a new benchmark report by the World Bank. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    The vital link between compliance and procurement


    For many organizations, compliance and procurement only work at all if they work together. But how they work together is something that is unique to every organization. Jaclyn Jaeger explores.

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    World Bank Tries Procurement Reform to Cut Corruption Risk


    Sweeping changes to the World Bank’s policies and procedures are afoot that will make the procurement process more consistent and transparent for companies bidding on bank-funded contracts. One big focus: how to reduce bribery and corruption in the procurement process. That will be a mixed bag for compliance officers—more attention ...

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    Reducing Systems and Risks in Purchase-to-Pay


    Most companies maintain several systems within their procurement and accounts payable functions, especially if they have grown through acquisition. But several systems can create risks, including low supplier visibility. Fewer systems can help, but it’s not a cure-all. Many companies find they need to take steps to reduce the risks ...