Financial education firm Professional Bank Services announced the launch of bankED, an online training option for meeting the financial industry’s annual regulatory and policy-driven education requirements.

Developed by former attorneys, bankers, compliance trainers, and federal examiners, bankED offers comprehensive courses reflective of today’s financial industry compliance issues. Users select from relevant topics—such as anti-money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act, consumer protection, Fair Credit Reporting Act, or examination procedures—and work through modules at their own pace.

bankED can be accessed from a work or home computer, as well as any mobile device, with a secure login. Once signed in, users are presented with a list of course modules—each consisting of an instructional video, supporting exhibits, pre-test review, and exam. Each user can choose a method that best suits their learning style—video, in-text reading, or a combination of both formats.

In addition, bankED can be a useful resource when acquainting new hires with initial organization objectives.