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  • SayOnPay

    A critical look at pandemic-related executive compensation changes


    With 2021 proxy season underway, a new analysis by Compensation Advisory Partners reveals what impact proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services will have on say-on-pay concerning executive compensation actions made in response to the pandemic.

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    Proxy season debates may include board scrutiny and short-termism


    With proxy season just around the corner, the annual tradition of assessing the mood of investors has begun. On tap, experts say, are demands for improved transparency and communication, better disclosures, and a continuing scrutiny of directors, including how (and how much) they and their C-suite cohorts are compensated. “We ...

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    Audit committees discuss the growing demand for disclosure


    Image: With proxy season just around the corner, audit committees are discussing how to answer growing demand for more disclosure—and whether the demand for more information is really a demand for more robust oversight of auditors. “There is clearly an increase in at least the dialogue that audit committees are ...

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    Prepping the Audit Committee for 2016 Proxy Season


    The 2016 proxy season will bring much scrutiny as usual, but two developments in corporate governance—the new COSO framework, and the Audit Quality Indicator project—might help committees manage the workload better. Inside, columnists Stephen Davis and Jon Lukomnik review how compliance officers can use those tools to help audit committees ...