How do you prove that your compliance program is actually helping your company? For most people, measuring effectiveness strategically has always been out of reach, but now you can assess the real impact…and your organization’s risks.

True Office Learning’s (formerly NYSE Governance Services) adaptive technology, Pulse, allows you to extract advanced behavioral data from your compliance training, empowering you to benchmark and analyze your program. These highly interactive, modular courses tell you exactly how your employees navigate real-life scenarios and what good and bad decisions they make, while getting everyone to 100% proficiency.

Clients have 24/7 access to the real-time Pulse Analytics Portal that analyzes the data into actionable insight and helps you benchmark your risk trends against more than 2 million employees across the globe on a variety of topics, including anti-corruption and conflicts of interest and code of conduct. Get a closer look at Pulse Analytics by downloading some of our aggregate data in the latest Pulse Anti-Corruption aggregate data report.

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