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    Latest internal audit studies suggest path forward for leaders


    The latest crop of internal audit studies reveal some promising insights into the trajectory of the profession and strategies to undertake on the path forward.

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    PCAOB inspection findings rise at Grant Thornton


    While audit inspection findings across the major firms generally improved in the most recently reported year, such was not the case at Grant Thornton.

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    Newest internal audit poll calls for focus on disruption


    If there’s a point to internal audit beyond fulfilling a compliance requirement, it seems as if corporate America is still trying to figure it out.

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    Oracle and PwC team up to offer IFRS 9 compliance expertise


    Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications and PwC have announced a global collaboration to offer technology, implementation, and consulting solutions to help financial institutions meet near-term and ongoing compliance with the International Accounting Standards Board’s new IFRS9 and FASB’s proposed CECL reporting standards.

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    Some plan to dig into leases in 2017, some not so much


    The latest poll on big accounting change says some companies are making plans to devote time in 2017 to the new requirements around lease accounting, according to Tammy Whitehouse.

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    KPMG's latest inspection shows more modest improvement


    KPMG's newest PCAOB inspection report shows another modest improvement in audit errors, although no one is yet jumping for joy over deficiency findings.

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    Latest EY inspection shows improvement in error rate


    The latest PCAOB inspection report for EY show the firm failed in 29 percent of audits inspected in 2015 to perform a clean audit -- an improvement over 2014 results.

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    Revenue recognition laggards outnumbered in new poll


    Tammy Whitehouse has the results of a fresh survey on revenue recognition that suggests 75 percent of public companies are still assessing how they will be affected with only 14 months to the effective date.

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    State of Compliance 2016: Aligning compliance with business strategy


    A new study by PwC notes that compliance programs work best when they are deeply integrated with an organization’s overall business strategy, reports Jaclyn Jaeger.

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    2015 audit inspections show some gains, some blown opinions


    The PCAOB’s earliest 2015 inspection results show some reductions in deficient audits, but also increases in restatements and withdrawn opinions. More from Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Strength through diversity: Q&A with Maria Castañón Moats


    The former chief diversity officer for PwC is now the leader of the firm’s U.S. assurance practice. With her strong background and bright future, what does Maria Castañón Moats have in store? Tammy Whitehouse has the answers.

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    Accounting leaders advocate looking at non-GAAP accounting measures


    As the Securities and Exchange Commission continues its focus on use of non-GAAP accounting measures, accounting experts are advising companies to take a look at their internal controls and assure they are appropriate. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Internal audit faces more change, technology, papers say


    A pair of recent white papers by Big 4 firms suggest transformation for the internal audit profession is far from finished. In, fact, some of the biggest changes in store for the profession may still be around the bend.EY focuses its attention specifically on internal auditors in financial services, where ...

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    Treasury’s efforts to overturn long-standing tax law creates massive compliance headache


    The federal government is trying to close a $40B tax loophole big enough to completely fund NASA twice every single year. But the way it’s doing it is causing some major corporate pushback. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    FRC announces investigations into KPMG and PwC


    The U.K. Financial Reporting Council, an independent investigative body that monitors and enforces accounting standards, is looking into audits made of financial services companies in the days preceding the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, starting with a delve into the work of two key accountancy firms—KPMG and PwC. Paul Hodgson ...

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    To be a great internal auditor, be a great communicator


    For internal audit leaders to deliver the most value to their audit committees, they need to develop a suite of skills that are not always stressed as being part of the audit profession. But without great communication and presentation skills to present their findings, auditors can’t be truly great at ...

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    PwC elects Tim Ryan new U.S. chairman


    Image: /*-->*/ PwC has appointed former audit leader Timothy Ryan as its new U.S. chairman for a four-year term. Ryan succeeds Bob Moritz, another former audit leader who was recently appointed global chairman of PwC after two terms as U.S. chairman. Ryan has served since 2013 ...

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    FASB complete gross versus net guidance for revenue recognition


    The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued an update to accounting standards meant to put to rest any confusion that may still exist on how to apply the principal-versus-agent guidance in the new revenue recognition rule.

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    Experts advise companies to brace for goodwill impairment scrutiny


    Image: Calcbench, with their research tool powered by XBRL-gathered financial statement data, identified a number of companies posting quarterly goodwill impairments in the range of $250 million for five consecutive quarters, including Yahoo’s massive $4.46 billion impairment charge. “The total number … is trending up, from the mid-teens last year ...

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    Internal audit intelligence calls for elevated service levels


    Image: At a recent Institute of Internal Auditors conference, audit executives heard the early returns from the annual IIA Common Body of Knowledge study that suggest North American audit stakeholders would welcome more help in identifying strategic risks. Brian Christensen, executive vice president at consulting firm Protiviti, which assisted with ...