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    Qualcomm announces general counsel succession


    Wireless technology giant Qualcomm has appointed Ann Chaplin as its general counsel and corporate secretary, effective Nov. 1. She will replace the retiring Don Rosenberg, who served in the position since 2007.

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    Qualcomm fined $271M for predatory pricing


    The European Commission has fined Qualcomm 242 million Euros (U.S. $271 million) for anti-competitive behavior in violation of EU antitrust rules. Qualcomm says it has done nothing wrong and will appeal the finding.

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    European Commission fines Qualcomm €997M for Apple deal


    What was supposed to be a sweetheart deal with Apple for supplying smartphone microchips has turned into a major enforcement action for Qualcomm.

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    Is the European Union out to get Google?


    While it might seem as if the European Union has it in for Google, a search of its open cases will reveal that it has its sights set on more than just the search engine firm.

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    FTC charges Qualcomm with ‘monopolizing’ smartphone tech


    A feud between tech giants Qualcomm and Apple has gone global and the fallout could affect international IP rights as well as sales and licensing strategies in the tech sector, writes Joe Mont.

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    How Qualcomm’s FCPA blunder involved rank incompetency


    Hiring the son or daughter of a government official to secure a lucrative business contract is clearly out of bounds. But hiring somebody who was specifically rejected from an interview process as being unfit for the job in question, a scenario recently played out at Qualcomm and its China-based operations ...

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    Qualcomm to pay SEC $7.5 million for hiring practices


    Digital telecommunications maker Qualcomm this week reached a $7.5 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve charges that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by hiring relatives of Chinese government officials. These officials were in positions to decide whether to select Qualcomm’s mobile technology products amid ...