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    QuantaVerse Financial Crime Report simplifies FinCEN SAR filings


    QuantaVerse, the first in the market with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions purpose-built for identifying financial crimes, helps financial institutions file timely and accurate suspicious activity reports (SARs) that match FinCEN’s recently revamped SAR filing format in the BSA E-Filing System.

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    ‘CAE Checkup’ evaluates effectiveness of AI-based audit investigations


    QuantaVerse has launched a new service, CAE (Chief Audit Executive) Checkup, that enables companies and financial institutions to evaluate the effectiveness of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based approach to audit investigations.

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    CCO Checkup helps financial firms test AML program effectiveness


    QuantaVerse recently announced the launch of CCO Checkup, a free service financial institutions can use to test the effectiveness of their AML programs, empowered by QuantaVerse’s AI solution that analyzes transaction data to detect “false negatives” or anomalous behaviors that may have been missed by an institution’s existing transaction ...