Rackspace this week announced the launch of Privacy and Data Protection (PDP), a new cyber-security offering designed to help identify and protect sensitive data in a customer’s environment, such as intellectual property, customer payment information, and personally identifiable information, while meeting strict compliance requirements around securing data at rest.

The new offering provides businesses with a fully managed data protection service including data classification, data access policies, encryption and activity reporting, which can be easily integrated with existing applications without requiring code changes.

Rackspace’s Privacy and Data Protection solution provides businesses with a range of security and compliance benefits, including:

Understanding risks associated with data – Helps customers to understand, identify and document the most sensitive data in their environments.

Enhanced data protection – Deploys technology platforms to restrict access to approved company personnel and processes, while generating detailed information about unauthorized access by users, applications and systems to sensitive data.

Detailed compliance reporting – Delivers detailed monthly reporting to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their data usage and how it is being protected, as well helps customers meet their compliance requirements in many regions including certain provisions in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and PCI-DSS.

The PDP offering complements Rackspace’s existing Managed Security and Compliance Assistance solutions, which leverage Rackspace security experts to help customers with strategic planning for best practice multi-cloud security, tactical day-to-day security monitoring and threat analysis to deter, detect and respond to potential threats around the clock.

The Rackspace Privacy and Data Protection offering is now in general availability for customers in all regions.