Radius—a firm that helps companies expertly plan, execute, and manage international operations worldwide—has introduced Global Compliance, a powerful new addition to its cloud-based OverseasConnect platform.

The application provides total visibility into each client’s unique compliance calendar so they can avoid surprises associated with corporate taxes, financial reporting, indirect taxes and other obligations. It features a robust reporting tool and automatic notifications so clients meet all their compliance deadlines, lowering financial and reputational risks.

Global Compliance also provides easy access to Radius’ team of compliance experts, who give client support and track regulatory changes around the world. “Tax authorities everywhere are intent on collecting all the revenues they can, and maintaining compliance is increasingly important for multinationals of all sizes,” said Jody Fullman, chief information officer of Radius. “Global Compliance is a simple solution for staying on top of your regulatory requirements. It also eliminates the need for multiple compliance providers, which can lead to real up-front cost savings, as well as reducing your risk of fines.”