Recommind, an information intelligence provider, has released the newest version of its cloud-based e-Discovery platform Axcelerate 5. With the latest upgrades, Axcelerate 5 now brings enterprise-grade business intelligence to e-Discovery, providing total visibility into the time, cost, and quality of document review.

By combining e-Discovery data with other organizational data, now legal strategists can make intelligent, defensible business decisions based on analytics, not intuition. The latest version of Axcelerate 5 uses the same intuitive point-and-click interface to deliver business insights about everything from project expenses to staffing levels, personnel performance, resource allocation and second-pass review. Users can see historical patterns and correlations through charts, and can even quickly build and share their own custom dashboards.

Axcelerate 5 comes equipped with preconfigured "Sheets," which are dashboards that can be quickly adjusted to specific criteria as desired. Sheets can be easily copied, edited, and saved for customized intelligence with a range of visualizations. Though user-customized Sheets are private by default, they can be easily shared without requiring export to PDF or other static formats.

The dynamic, configurable nature of Axcelerate 5's Business Intelligence Sheets enables case managers to:

Closely monitor review progress for better budgeting and time estimation;

Explore individual reviewer productivity on a granular level, to guide staffing decisions;

Analyze tagging activity, history and trends to identify patterns that emerge over time;

Scrutinize tagging decisions across team members and document types for greater accuracy;

Compare bulk vs. single tagging results to help define best practices;

Investigate where, when and how critical documents are being found, to optimize efforts; and

Easily revisit all review activity within discrete data sets, for deeper case insight.

The latest version of Axcelerate 5 is available to new and existing customers as an On-Demand, On-Premise or Private Cloud/SaaS solution.