Recommind, an advanced analytics provider, announced that it has integrated Microsoft Office 365 into the newest version of Axcelerate, its cloud-based e-Discovery platform. The collaboration streamlines discovery by enabling joint customers to easily and effectively cull data in the Office 365 environment before exporting it into Axcelerate for total visibility into discovery strategies.

With millions of active users across 125 markets globally, Office 365 has one of the largest data sets in the world, making it critical for organizations to quickly tap into during legal matters and investigations. Recommind's Office 365 integration allows organizations to automatically export enriched data stored in Microsoft Azure into its latest offering, Axcelerate Cloud, a subscription-based SaaS eDiscovery product capable of supporting more than a billion records in a single deployment.

Key benefits of include:

Enhanced security through centralized hosting in a virtual private cloud;

Total visibility into discovery strategies with sophisticated metrics and controls;

Greater scalability with data volumes and nothing to install or maintain;

More predictability over costs with the elimination of infrastructure purchases;

Enriched, culled data stored in Microsoft Azure with single export per document capabilities to remove duplicates; and

Fully preserved chain of custody (CoC).