Experts: Pressure on compliance to begin assessing AI Act impact

Artificial intelligence

Compliance functions are largely unprepared for the European Union’s AI Act, with many still unaware of what artificial intelligence their organizations are using or the risks the technology poses to their business, according to experts.

The legislation, which applies throughout the European Union but also has extraterritorial effect, is due to be finalized by the end of the year and come into force by 2027. Companies breaching the rules could face fines up to 6 percent of global turnover or 30 million euros (U.S. $33 million)—whichever is higher.

Chris Eastham, a technology partner at law firm Fieldfisher, said compliance functions “do not yet have a full enough grasp of their AI risk exposure,” while governance measures are “piecemeal or nonexistent” in most businesses.

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