The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday announced Mark Uyeda will serve a second term as commissioner.

Uyeda is one of two Republicans comprising the five-member SEC. An employee of the agency since 2006, he was confirmed as a commissioner in June 2022 to finish out the last year of the term Elad Roisman vacated when he resigned.

In June 2023, President Joe Biden nominated Uyeda for a second term expiring in 2028. The Senate confirmed Uyeda on Dec. 20, and he was sworn in Dec. 28.

“I am grateful to have the privilege of continuing to serve the American public alongside my fellow colleagues at the commission,” said Uyeda in a press release.

As part of the current Republican minority at the SEC, Uyeda has dissented on many of the agency’s aggressive rulemaking initiatives. In a speech delivered in November, he shared his view the commission could better aid both smaller reporting companies and larger public companies by staggering the compliance dates on its rules and considering closer the costs and burdens associated with meeting new requirements.

In October, Uyeda said in a speech he supported the SEC establishing a chief compliance officer liability framework, describing the topic as “the source of a great deal of concern” for practitioners.