Turning up the heat on Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Republican governors have served him with another Freedom of Information Act Request.

On Aug. 15, the Republican Governors Association filed their second FOIA for records related to Cordray’s “potential violation of the Hatch Act while exploring a run for Ohio Governor.”

The request, they say, “ follows revelations that Mr. Cordray actively discussed the Ohio governor’s race with the chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party.” The initial FOIA request, on Aug. 1, FOIA follows one the RGA submitted on Aug. 1, requested information and communication relating to Cordray’s activity surrounding a potential run.

“Ohioans deserve to know whether Richard Cordray is using his Consumer Financial Protection Bureau office for political gain at the expense of taxpayers,” RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson said in a statement. “If these new revelations are correct, and Cordray did discuss potential gubernatorial debates with Ohio Democrats, he should admit truthfully what he discussed, if he is engaged in prohibited political activity, and why he is so focused on not doing his job.”