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    Auditors prepare to inspect revenue recognition adoption


    Public companies beware: Auditors plans to scrutinize the impending switch to new revenue recognition accounting. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Technical side of revenue recognition still vexes companies


    The more complex the transaction, the more difficult it gets to apply new revenue recognition rules. Eventually, something’s got to give, writes Tammy Whitehouse.

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    Agenda 2017: revenue recognition, meet internal controls


    In 2017, monumental accounting change in the form of revenue recognition will crash head on with continued intensity around internal controls. Tammy Whitehouse reports.

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    Companies make early progress in adopting revenue recognition


    As summer slips away, it appears many companies used the time wisely to make some progress in adopting the new revenue recognition accounting standard. Tammy Whitehouse has more.

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    10 More Things Related to Revenue Recognition


    One year ago, CW columnist Scott Taub offered 10 initial thoughts on the then-brand new standard for revenue recognition. After working with companies to implement the standard and participating in FASB’s Joint Transaction Resource Group, Taub says he remains optimistic about revenue recognition. Now he has 10 more thoughts on ...

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    Extra Year on Revenue Standard Means More Time to Sweat


    Image: Don’t let your accounting department get too excited with that additional year FASB has granted to adopt the new standard for revenue recognition. Experts helping companies’ implementation efforts say that extra time is much needed, with plenty of questions about the standard remaining unanswered. And don’t forget, “half of ...

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    Financial Compliance Teams Await Tech Help on Revenue Rule


    Improved technology for financial systems will be critical as Corporate America moves to implement the impending new revenue recognition standard. That new tech, however, is slow-rolling its way to your data center, since the standard’s final guidance is still incomplete. “We knew going in we were not playing on a ...

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    The Slog Begins for New Revenue Standard


    Image: FASB’s effort to implement its new standard for revenue recognition by 2017 is bumping against business reality, as different parts of Corporate America grow vocal about their ability—or lack thereof—to manage the task. “A lot of companies are trying to correlate the messaging around a potential deferral and potential ...