Ethics and compliance software and services provider NAVEX Global and risk management company Ridge Global recently announced a partnership that will initially focus on delivering online training courseware to help companies educate their workforces on the growing risks associated with cyber-security and arm them with the tools they need to better protect their organizations.

Together, their first initiative is to utilize their complementary expertise to deliver two full-length training courseware solutions tailored to meet the needs of corporate managers, the broader employee base and partners. Featuring an introduction by Gov. Ridge, both online training courses lay out the most important issues in cyber risk and educate learners on their role in eliminating that risk from their operating environments. Key messages are reinforced through microlearning modules in five-minute increments that help address rapidly evolving threats and ensure employees maintain a culture of cybersecurity resiliency.

A broad-based 30-minute course ensures all learners will take away basic concepts about their personal responsibilities for protecting their organizations from digital threats. Additionally, a specialized 30-minute course has been designed to address the responsibilities for those in management positions—those who oversee business units, facilities and employees as well as implement policy within an organization. To support ongoing retention of key concepts, six brief “burst” courses will also be available to reinforce specific risks faced by all employees.

More information about the specific courses can be found here.