Top brands shamed for U.K. minimum wage failings ahead of hike

UK compensation

The U.K.’s Department for Business and Trade named 524 businesses found to have failed to pay the national minimum wage (NMW).

The companies, which include well-known brands such as Estee Lauder Cosmetics, EasyJet, Greggs, and Currys, have collectively had to repay nearly 16 million pounds (U.S. $20 million) to 172,000 employees, plus additional financial penalties of up to 200 percent of their underpayment. Staffline Recruitment had the largest bill, after failing to pay approximately £5.1 million (U.S. $6.5 million) to 36,767 workers.

The company names were published together with the respective number of workers affected before the U.K. minimum wage for workers older than 21 rises to £11.44 per hour on April 1. The department’s announcement last month made it clear employers who paid less than the NMW would be liable for penalties regardless of whether they intended to underpay.

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