More than 90 percent of all FCPA-related investigations and enforcement involve the activities of third parties. The global fight against corruption continues to increase–more regulations, enforcement, cross-border cooperation and penalties. A bribe paid by one of your third parties could do incalculable damage to your reputation and your bottom line.

Does your company have the processes and systems in place to objectively and consistently assess and manage your risk for third-party bribery and corruption?

In the event of an investigation by the Department of Justice, how quickly could your team demonstrate an effective compliance program and rigorous internal controls?

“The Root Causes and Business Implications of FCPA Investigations and Enforcement” white paper is based on a seminar series hosted by Hiperos with The FCPA Professor, Michael Koehler.

This white paper provides an in-depth understanding of the:

regulatory landscape;

roles and risks associated with third parties;

underlying causes of FCPA violations.

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