Rosenthal Collins Group, an independent futures brokerage and clearing firm, announced the appointment of Steve Ivey as executive vice president and chief risk officer. Ivey brings more than two decades of risk management experience in trading, liquidity, credit, operational, and market risk.

Starting his role at RCG this week, Ivey joined the firm from OCC (formerly known as the Options Clearing Corporation), the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization, where he served as vice president of market risk and default management from 2013 until last October, and as vice president, stress testing and liquidity risk management since that time. He reports to Richard Mackey, RCG deputy president.

Ivey began his rise to management in the industry at O’Connor & Company. The firm in 2003 appointed him assistant vice president, risk manager, overseeing the risk management of all accounts trading equity, index and commodity options and futures as market makers or on a proprietary trading basis. He also took on the role of branch office manager.

In 2007, he joined Hanley Group, one of the world’s largest grain options proprietary trading firms at the time. He served as the firm’s head of trading risk and enterprise risk management, compliance and business development, creating the entire risk and compliance framework for the company. Following Hanley’s acquisition in 2010, Ivey joined Allston Trading, where he became the head of risk management, chairing the firm’s risk committee and managing its risk management team until he left for the OCC in late 2013.