The Securities and Exchange Commission has released a new online tool to help companies calculate registration fees for form submissions to EDGAR, its electronic database of financial reports and other filings. The new tool is intended to improve the accuracy of fee calculations and minimize the need for corrections.

The Registration Fee Estimator was created by the SEC’s Office of Financial Management. It covers the most common filings companies use to register initial public offerings, debt offerings, asset-backed securities, closed-end mutual funds, limited partnerships, and small business investment companies. The tool prompts users to enter data based on the type of filing and the applicable fee rules and provides suggestions for completing required fee tables based on the data entered. 

The resource is intended to assist filers in estimating filing fees and provide general guidance on completing the related fee tables. The Office of Financial Management, however, cautions that it should not be relied upon as an official SEC calculation or verification of these filing fees. Filers will remain responsible for paying all required fees and accurately including all required information in their filings.

Future versions of the Registration Fee Estimator will include additional types of filings, including those filed annually by investment companies.