The Securities and Exchange Commission has voted to publish a request for public comment on disclosures called for by “Industry Guide 3 - Statistical Disclosure by Bank Holding Companies.”

Specifically, the Commission is soliciting public input on whether Guide 3 “continues to elicit the information that investors need for informed investment and voting decisions.”

The Commission also seeks comment on whether there are new types of disclosures about the activities of bank holding companies that investors would find important.

“As an agency designed to serve the American people, it is imperative to constantly look back on the SEC’s rules and engage the public on ways to improve,” SEC Acting Chairman Michael Piwowar said in a statement, prior to the March 1 vote.

The request for comment will be published on the SEC website and in the Federal Register.  The comment period will remain open for 60 days.

The request for comment seeks public input on statistical and other disclosures provided by bank holding company registrants.  Among other things, the request covers:

Existing disclosure guidance for bank holding companies called for by Guide 3, as well as other sources of disclosure for bank holding companies and other registrants in the financial services industry.

Potential improvements to the disclosure regime, which could include new disclosures, the elimination of duplicative or overlapping disclosures, or revisions to current disclosures.

The scope and applicability of Guide 3

The effects of regulation on bank holding companies, including with regard to their operations, capital structures, dividend policies and treatment in bankruptcy.

Industry Guide 3 was first published in 1976 as a reference to the statistical disclosures sought by the staff of the Division of Corporation Finance in registration statement and other disclosure documents filed by bank holding companies.