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    White paper: The Data Trinity: Governance, Security & Privacy

    2020-10-14T07:50:00Z Provided by

    Creating policies for data handling and accountability and driving culture change so people understand how to properly work with data are two important components of a data governance initiative, as is the technology for proactively managing data assets.

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    White paper: Reinventing Security, Risk & Compliance Practices Through COVID-19

    2020-04-30T06:43:00Z Provided by

    The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to a new reality. Every aspect of business has been impacted—from supply chain operations to risk measurement to stakeholder communication.

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    Symmetry and Focal Point Data Risk form partnership


    Focal Point Data Risk and Symmetry recently announced a partnership focused on providing security and GRC solutions for enterprise SAP IT environments.

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    Auditing your data breach incident response plan


    The time to discover when your data breach incident response plan actually works is not in the middle of data breach. Jose Tabuena offers some insights on how to make sure that the incident response plan in place is actually up to the task.

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    Preparing your company for a dawn raid


    Knowing what to expect in the event of a dawn raid and how to respond will help ensure not only that employees cooperate during an investigation, but also that the legal rights of the company remain protected. Jaclyn Jaeger explores how to avoid any missteps that can damage a company’s ...

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    CFPB Critics Focus Fight on Data Collection


    Fights over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are often focused on critics’ perceived lack of accountability and transparency. In recent weeks, those battles have doubled down on concerns about how the agency collects, protects, and uses data on consumers and financial institutions. CFPB foes say it is collecting more information ...

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    HIPAA Privacy and Security Guidance Updated


    The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has released an updated version of its privacy and security guidance to help healthcare providers better understand how to integrate federal health information privacy and security requirements into their practices. The guidance was last published in 2011. Details inside.

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