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    Bills Advance to Sharpen SEC’s Small Business Focus


    The House Financial Services Committee has approved a slate of bipartisan bills and resolutions intended to “protect consumers, grow the economy, strengthen government transparency, and help lead the fight against terrorists.” Among the bills is legislation that establishes an Office for Small Business Capital Formation within the SEC and ...

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    Smaller Companies Struggle Forward on SOX Compliance, System Investments


    More grist for smaller reporting companies unhappy with your compliance burdens: A new report finds that although all businesses continue to invest in SOX compliance, smaller companies still report less benefit from the effort. Inside, we look at which parts of compliance are most troublesome for small filers (“If they ...

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    Q&A: The Battle for Better Disclosure Data


    Image: As part of our ongoing series of conversations with compliance and risk experts, we spoke with Hudson Hollister, founder and executive director, Data Transparency Coalition, a trade association pursuing the publication of government information as standardized, machine-readable data. Hollister talks about the SEC’s efforts to modernize its disclosure regime ...